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Doceri 2.0 is here!

Doceri 2.0 is a free upgrade for anyone that previously purchased the software. When you upgrade, the license key should automatically transfer over. If it does not, please submit a support ticket.

Upgrade in three easy steps

Our users have been the greatest source of feedback and inspiration for Doceri. You asked for a host of new features and we listened. After countless hours of development the new Doceri 2.0 is ready for you. With your help, we’ve created something we feel is truly special and we hope you agree.

We’re committed to creating the best software for creating professional drawings and hand written presentations, turning your iPad into an interactive whiteboard and now also for recording and sharing what you’ve created as a screencast. We hope that once you’ve started using the new Doceri, you’ll take the time to rate us in the iTunes App store and refer your friends and colleagues. We believe in making all the features of Doceri available to try - free - before buying. The app is still free to download in the iTunes App store, and Doceri Desktop is still free to download and try here on our Web site.

The complete list of "what’s new in Doceri 2.0" is highlighted on the Doceri Freedom to Teach Blog. Please make a comment and let us know what you think!

IMPORTANT: Both Doceri on the iPad and Doceri Desktop on the host computer must be upgraded. The Doceri 2.0 app requires Doceri Desktop 2.0 for remote desktop control. Doceri 2.0 will not respond to Doceri Desktop 1.x, and the existing Doceri Remote 1.x app will not respond to Doceri Desktop 2.0. You must upgrade both the app and the desktop software to continue to use remote desktop control.

5 Things you need to know about transitioning to Doceri 2.0

  1. Now you can use Doceri on the iPad without a connection to Doceri Desktop. more
  2. The “wipe screen” windshield wiper tool now erases slide contents rather than creating a new page. more
  3. The mouse control and access to the pointer have both changed. more
  4. There’s a new file management system, and all Doceri projects are now saved on the iPad by default. more
  5. Custom backgrounds now reside on the iPad – you’ll need to import your existing backgrounds from your Quick Launch Folder. more

Keys to Successful Transition

With all the great new features we’ve added to Doceri 2.0, you’ll certainly encounter a few changes to the way you’re used to working with Doceri. We’ve prepared this transition guide to help you quickly identify the most important changes so you can get up and creating right away.

Create, Share, Present – on the iPad alone or when connected to Doceri Desktop

The first change you’ll see is the option to start creating a project on your iPad without connecting to Doceri Desktop. This is the biggest functional change in Doceri 2.0, which also paves the way for several other major changes including screencasting and a new way of saving and interacting with your Doceri project files.

Key advantages

  • Work on Doceri projects anywhere you take your iPad
  • Use Doceri with Airplay to make your presentation with Apple TV
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Multiple Backgrounds, Screen Wipe and New Slide/Page Tools

With Doceri 2.0, you’re no longer limited to a single background within a multi-slide project. This necessitated a change to the way the screen wipe and new slide/page tools function.

The screen wipe tool screen wipe tool, formerly created a new page in Doceri 1.x. In Doceri 2.0 this screen wipe tool now ERASES all visible strokes and images from the current screen. This action can be reversed with the undo tool undo tool as long as you haven’t moved the slider on the timeline.

When the Timeline is closed, the forward slide (or page) icon moves to the upper right corner of the project screen and the back slide (or page) icon moves to the upper left. When at the end of a project, the forward slide icon will create a new slide or page. With the timeline open, touch the white new slide icon upgrade_new_page from anywhere within the project to create a new slide (or page).

Key advantages

  • Each new page can be customized with a different background.
  • Better distinction between clearing stroke operations and insert page operations
  • More intuitive and ergonomic placement of new slide/page tool
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Simplified Mouse Control

settings screenshot

We’ve reduced the complexity of gestures for basic mouse control when connected to Doceri Desktop. The mouse magnifier has also been disabled. If you prefer the old method of mouse interaction, you can return to it by turning on the use advanced mouse option in the Doceri 2.0 settings menu.

Key advantages

  • In Doceri 2.0, a single or double-tapping gesture moves the mouse to the location you tapped and either single- or double-clicks accordingly
  • All mouse movements are now “click and drag” by default
  • It’s no longer necessary to use your left or right finger to engage mouse buttons
  • Press and hold your finger on the screen and a right-click action is triggered after one second
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New Access to Pointer


In Doceri 1.x, the pointer [insert arrow pointer] was available through its own mode button. In Doceri 2.0, the pointer is now available in both Annotation and Control mode. To use the pointer, rotate the iPad to portrait view and place your finger in the top portion of the screen. Tap to the left of your finger to change the pointer style or tap to the right of your finger to rotate the pointer icon, just as before.

Key advantages

  • Pointer is now available in both Annotation and Control Modes
  • Access the pointer from either Annotation or Control Modes
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New File Management on the iPad

Because Doceri 2.0 works with or without a connection to Doceri Desktop, Doceri project files can be located and manipulated in both places and they can be copied to and from each location. We highly recommend storing Doceri projects on the iPad so they can be accessed from anywhere you choose to work.

Key advantages

  • By default, all newly created drawings are stored on the iPad for access anywhere
  • Doceri Drawings previously saved on your computer can still be accessed while connected to Doceri Desktop
  • Easily transfer projects previously stored on your computer to your iPad, and those on your iPad to your computer
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settings screenshot

New Saving Policies

When you are not connected to Doceri Desktop, Doceri will save continuously and automatically on the iPad. When you access an existing file that has been saved on the computer, Doceri will save only when you exit the project to the same location on your computer. New Doceri projects created while connected still save locally to the iPad.

By default, Doceri saves annotations locally on the iPad as a new project when connected to Doceri Desktop. If you do not wish to save annotations, you can change the setting Always Keep Projects in the Doceri iPad Settings under Doceri Desktop Options. 

save policy

Key advantages

  • All projects are continuously and automatically saved on the iPad
  • Projects originally created in Doceri 1.x and saved on the computer running Doceri Desktop may be copied to the iPad (see File Management, above)
  • You can override the default saving policy settings for individual projects from the File Management screen
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New Custom Backgrounds

In Doceri 1.x, custom backgrounds were accessed from the Quick Launch Folder on the computer running Doceri Desktop. In Doceri 2.0, custom backgrounds now reside on your iPad and can be easily created within the Doceri project screen using drawings, photos or any image captured from the computer running Doceri Desktop. Note: existing backgrounds located in the Doceri Quick Launch folder on the computer running Doceri Desktop will need to be transferred to the iPad. See our knowledge base article on Transferring Custom Backgrounds to the iPad.

Key advantages

  • Simple creation of custom backgrounds within the Doceri project screen
  • Create backgrounds within the Doceri project using drawings, imported photos or screen captures from the computer running Doceri Desktop
  • Easy access to background colors, patterns and custom backgrounds
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