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How can I get a new license key? Where did the Buy page go?

Regrettably, after a surprising eleven-year run, we have retired Doceri Desktop as of 1 August 2022, and it is therefore no longer available for new licensing. Accordingly, we have taken down the Buy page, and we will not be able to fill any new purchase orders.

All existing Doceri Desktop license keys will continue to work for as long as Java, Windows, and macOS remain compatible with the current versions. The license key registration engine, account pages, and Help Documents will remain online for the foreseeable future.

You can still download the last Doceri Desktop versions from the Updates page. However, there will be no future bug fixes or new feature development. If you need to move your Doceri Desktop installation and license key to a new computer, please see How to migrate Doceri Desktop to a new computer.

The Doceri iPad App will remain available as a free download from the Apple App Store for as long as it continues to work on the latest iPadOS versions, but we can no longer offer any significant support, and this app also will not be updated.

The Doceri for Windows app for Windows-based tablets such as Surface has been discontinued and is no longer available for download or support.

The Doceri Team thanks you all for your years of support and devotion. Unfortunately, we can no longer afford to keep up with the constant changes in both Apple and Microsoft operating systems, and the ever-increasing security concerns with the underlying Java technology. Doceri is an amazing tool, and we are all sorry we have to let it go, but the cost to support and update it ultimately led us to stop selling it.

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