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Doceri app crashes on PDF export under iPadOS15


This answer has been retained for historical reference; Doceri Desktop has been retired as of August 2022, in part due to the intractability and increasing prevalence of problems such as that described below.

iPadOS version 15 appears to have introduced a regression bug that was originally present in iPadOS 13.0, which results in a crash when exporting a Doceri project to a PDF file. Apple resolved this bug in iPadOS 13.2, and reintroduced it in iPadOS 15.0.

Testing against iPadOS 15.2 public beta releases suggested that, as with the previous bug, Apple would have this issue resolved in the final release of iPadOS 15.2, scheduled for release in December 2021. Since the release of 15.2, in-house testing has shown this bug to be resolved; however, some field reports indicate that the bug persists on some iPads, while it is resolved on others.

Unfortunately, reports of this issue have only increased under iPadOS 16, and it now appears unlikely to be resolved.

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