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Doceri on iPadOS 14 says the "network is down" but I know the network is running

If you prefer a visual guide, please see our video Permitting Local Network Access for Doceri on iPadOS 14.

iPadOS 14 added several new permission settings. Notably for Doceri, these include access to the Local Network and to the Photos app. Neither is prompted for until access to the feature is actively attempted.

The first time you try to connect the Doceri app to Doceri Desktop, you should see a prompt (pictured in the attached image) that says '"Doceri" would like to find and connect to devices on your local network.' Touch OK to enable a network connection to Doceri Desktop.

If someone already reflexively touched Don't Allow, then you can change the setting in the iPad Settings app. Select Doceri in the left rail to display the list of Doceri permissions in the right panel, then toggle the Local Network switch to On (green).

Once you have granted Doceri access to the local network, you should be able to reopen the Doceri app to connect normally. If you are still getting an error message that the network is down, contact your ISP or Network Operations department/IT staff.

If you are now getting a different error message, check that both your computer and iPad are on the same network, and verify that both Doceri and Java are permitted through your computer's firewall on port 7019. For the Windows 10 firewall, a detailed video is available: Changing Firewall Settings for Doceri Desktop on Windows 10

Networking can be complicated, however, and even after all that there are many conditions and settings that can interfere with your connection. However, you DO NOT need to register a Doceri Desktop license key in order to connect—the free trial version of Doceri Desktop accesses the network in exactly the same manner as the paid version, and testing Doceri Desktop on your network prior to purchase is the main reason for the free 30-day trial—while uninstalling Doceri Desktop to reinstall it is more likely to increase network connectivity issues than to resolve them. Additionally, uninstalling the Doceri iPad app is likely to permanently delete any files you have created with Doceri so far.

If you need additional assistance getting your network connection established, please submit a support ticket.

DoceriLocalNetworkAccess.jpg DoceriLocalNetworkAccess.jpg

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