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iPadOS 14/15 says the Doceri app needs to be updated

The update in question was applied to the App Store by Apple in April of 2021. If you are still getting a message that "The developer of this app needs to update it to work with" this or a future "version of iOS," as shown for example in the attached image, this probably means that your iPad is not correctly configured to update apps automatically.

If your iPad is managed by your employer, or provisioned other than through the App Store, bring the following instructions to your IT department.

If you own the iPad, or you are otherwise able to apply updates yourself, open the App Store on your iPad. Touch the person icon in the top right to open your Account. From there you can choose either to update all of your apps, or else touch Purchased to view all of your apps, scroll down the list until you find Doceri, and touch the UPDATE button to update just Doceri.

This update did not include any new features or change the function of Doceri in any way; the only changes were those made by Apple themselves to meet their updated software security requirements for the most recent releases of iPadOS 14.5 and up.

iPadOS14DoceriNeedsUpdate.PNG iPadOS14DoceriNeedsUpdate.PNG

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