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How do I turn off tracking and ads in Doceri under iPadOS 14.5+?

Apple's 2021 release of iPadOS 14.5 introduced the App Tracking Transparency feature, which requires all apps to request permission before sharing data in ways that follow you across apps and services, such as by showing targeted ads based on what you do in other companies' apps, or sending your location or email address to third parties.

Neither Doceri for iPad nor Doceri for Windows tablets have ever collected, stored, or shared personally-identifiable user data, nor have they ever included any advertising other than the Doceri logo itself and the customizable Doceri watermark. Because we have no intention of ever tracking you through the app, you will never see our app ask for permission to track you; there is no feature to turn off ads or tracking because there are no ads or tracking features in Doceri to turn on or off.

Those who purchase the companion Doceri Desktop application separately through our website will, of course, have to provide payment or billing information as part of the purchase process, and registering the purchased license key in Doceri Desktop requires the use of an email address. Our use of that information is covered by our website privacy policy, and none of it is ever communicated to either of the Doceri tablet apps.

Note that, because we are not monitoring your data, we don't have a copy of your projects, videos, or created materials either. If you want that information backed up, you will need to configure iCloud to do it automatically, or you can use the export features in Doceri to copy your files manually. You can read Apple's file transfer guidance here.

Also note that, if you turned on the "Limit Ad Tracking" feature of iPadOS prior to the 14.5 release, you may not see the new privacy pop-up requests in other apps, as this setting already deliberately prevents apps from asking to track you. You can check the status of this option under Settings | Privacy | Tracking.

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