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Why won't Doceri record or control my Mac running macOS Catalina (10.14)

With the Mojave and Catalina versions of macOS, Apple has added new security settings that need to be set so they explicitly allow Doceri to control the computer.

If you upgraded to macOS Catalina from a version prior to Mojave (10.13), please first see Why won't Doceri control my Mac running Mojave or later? then return to this answer.

If you upgraded to Catalina from Mojave, then the first time you connect your tablet to Doceri Desktop, you should be asked if you would like to allow Doceri Desktop to record this computer’s screen.

Granting this permission is necessary to see anything other than the desktop wallpaper, and to have any meaningful control over the Mac from Doceri. If you choose Deny at this point, virtually all function of Doceri Desktop will be blocked. If you Deny or skip this step when it first appears, there may be no easy way to change your mind later. Therefore, select the Open System Preferences button to be taken straight to the correct setting, which is at: System Preferences-->Security & Privacy-->Privacy-->Screen Recording

Click the lock in the lower left to enable modifications—you may need to enter the administrator password for this to take effect. Then check the empty box next to Doceri Desktop to allow display, control, and recording of the Mac screen on the tablet over Doceri.

The Mac should then display a pop-up message stating that Doceri Desktop won't be able to record the screen until you quit and restart. Selecting Deny will uncheck the box above, and again block most Doceri Desktop function. Instead, select Quit, and then relaunch Doceri Desktop and reconnect from the Doceri app.

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