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Having issues with Doceri and iOS9?

After updating to iOS 9, we noticed some users are having issues with writing and crashing. Several settings were reset in the drawing tools themselves as a result of this. We recommend making the following changes to fix the issue:

Start Doceri fresh and select Through a computer.

Select the gear icon in the top right corner and select About.

Press and hold your finger down on the Doceri hand logo icon and do not let go for 5 seconds. You should see a (DEBUG ON) message appear next to the version 2.1.9 number.

Once you see (DEBUG ON) appear, dismiss the setting screen by clicking anywhere on the iPad screen.

Tap on the setting icon again and select the Debug option at the very bottom.

Tap on Reset User Defaults (nothing will appear to happen - this is normal)

Tap on Simulate Crash and Doceri will close automatically.

Restart Doceri and retest.

If you continue to have issues after adjusting these settings, please create a support ticket.
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