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How to download and install Doceri on a Windows 8.1 tablet

Doceri is available on the Windows Store for Windows 8.1 tablets. To download it, follow these steps:

First, go to the Windows Start Screen and tap the down arrow on the left to see all available apps.

Tap on the Store icon to open the Microsoft Store.

screenshot In the search box in the top right, type in Doceri and hit enter on your keyboard. screenshot Tap on the Doceri icon and select Buy or Free Trial and follow the steps to install the app. screenshot Once it is done installing, it will appear on the Windows Start Screen in the all Apps section where you first opened the Microsoft Store. screenshot You can also download the app by following the link here from your Windows 8.1 tablet:

Windows Store

If you have any issues downloading the app from the Windows app store, please create a support ticket.

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