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How to Use the Doceri Multiuser Functionality

When connecting Doceri to Doceri Desktop on a Mac or Windows PC, it is possible to connect more than one device to the computer simultaneously. To activate the multiuser feature, open the settings of Doceri Desktop and go to the Advanced tab. Check the box that says Enable Multiuser (Experimental). To deactivate it, simply uncheck the box.

Because the feature is largely experimental, there are a few caveats to the connection:

1. Each user must be on the same network in order to connect. You can connect from a different network over the Internet if you forward port 7019 to your router. Please speak to your network administrators regarding this if you need remote users to connect to your running session.

2. There is currently no administrator of the session. Each user has full control simultaneously.

3. We have tested the feature successfully with up to 10 users concurrently, but the maximum limit that can connect simultaneously is unknown. If you have feedback regarding this, please let us know.

The feature itself is simply testing groundwork for future versions of Doceri that will incorporate lots of new features in upcoming updates. Please check the Doceri blog to see more details as they are announced.

If you have more questions about this feature, please open a support ticket.

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