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Using QuickLaunch to Open Files

When connected to a computer running Doceri Desktop, the QuickLaunch button lets you open any document on your computer with a single touch: images, website links, slideshows, movies, or any other material you want to access quickly and easily for your presentation or lesson is available through Doceri.

Adding Files to QuickLaunch

Copy and Paste your file (document, image, movie, presentation, spreadsheet, PDF, etc.) directly into the Doceri directory on your computer's home directory (on the Mac, it's the home icon in your Finder; in Windows, it's the folder with your computer's name). If you do not want to create a copy of your file or permanently move it to the Doceri directory, you can simply paste a shortcut instead.

Access Files Anywhere by pointing your Doceri directory to a USB drive, or Internet-storage folder like Dropbox or GDrive, and your Doceri files will be available to you wherever you are, at home or in class. Change the folder location in Doceri Desktop's Settings, under the Files tab.

'Save As' You can save a downloaded or emailed file directly to your Doceri directory by selecting 'save-as' and placing it into the Doceri folder on your computer.

Saving a Website URL to QuickLaunch

To create a link or a shortcut to a website, go to the website, click and drag the URL with your mouse and place it into the Doceri directory on your hard drive. This acts as a bookmark to that website for easy access.

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