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How to Import Custom Backgrounds from Doceri 1.x to Doceri 2.0

Doceri 2.0 handles custom backgrounds quite a bit differently than Doceri 1.x. The biggest change is where Doceri stores those custom backgrounds. Doceri 1.x saved all custom backgrounds on the Doceri Desktop computer; Doceri 2.0 stores all custom backgrounds locally on the iPad.

If you created any custom backgrounds in Doceri 1.x or if you have any other JPG files that you'd like to make into custom backgrounds! you can import them into Doceri 2.0 easily through iTunes. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to do that:

  • Find the location of the Custom Backgrounds folder on your computer by viewing your Doceri Desktop Files settings, then navigate to that folder
  • Launch iTunes, connect your iPad to your computer, and select it from the list of devices
  • Select the Apps tab in iTunes, scroll to the bottom of the window, and select Doceri under the Apps field at the bottom
  • With Doceri selected, drag the JPGs from the Doceri Backgrounds folder on your computer to the Doceri Documents field in iTunes. Now your backgrounds will all be accessible from the Custom Backgrounds are inside Doceri!
  • Here are Apple's instructions for using iTunes File Sharing on Apple mobile devices.

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