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Doceri's Flexible Licensing

One of Doceri's most popular features is its flexible, portable licensing (available only for the iPad.) When Doceri is running unlicensed in trial mode, a watermark will appear on the Doceri Desktop computer screen while your iPad is connected. Once you purchase a license key, that watermark will go away, and Doceri's flexible licensing will let you freely transfer the license to your iPad, or even to a different computer, so you can use Doceri in any number of different configurations without the watermark.

In what situations should I keep the license on the iPad?

If you have more than one computer that you want to use to present, but just one iPad, then this would be the right option for you. Once you've purchased a license key and entered it into your Doceri Desktop computer, leaving the License tab open, make a connection from Doceri on your iPad to the computer, then click the Transfer to iPad button that appears. Now just install the free Doceri Desktop on your other computers, and when that iPad connects to any of them, it will be fully licensed.

In what situations should I keep the license on the Doceri Desktop computer?

If you have one computer that multiple iPads need to connect to--for example, a classroom with a computer that is shared by multiple teachers--then this would be the right option for you. If you've already transferred the license to an iPad, it's easy to transfer back. Just connect the iPad to the computer with Doceri, go to the License tab in Doceri Desktop's Settings, click Transfer from iPad, then the license will now reside on that Doceri Desktop computer.

NOTE: To transfer license keys, Windows users must run Doceri in Administrator mode. To do this, quit Doceri, then right-click on the Doceri icon and select "run as administrator."

How can I transfer the license to a different computer?

If you are re-imaging your computer, or switching to another computer, the easiest way is to select Deregister from the License tab in Doceri Desktop's settings on the old computer, then register the new computer just like you did with the old one. Sometimes, it won't be possible to de-register a machine beforehand. If this happens, please submit a support ticket and we will reset your license for you so that you may register on another computer. Please include your license key in your ticket.

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