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Using Doceri with PowerPoint and Keynote

One of the most popular ways that teachers and presenters use Doceri is to control a PowerPoint or Keynote slideshow on their computer while presenting to a classroom or audience. Control of your presentation is right in your hands, no need to step behind the computer, or even for a separate clicker. Doceri lets you:

  • launch your presentation
  • advance slides forward and back
  • annotate on top of each slide
  • automatically save every annotated slide
  • record a voiceover with your presentation to make a video screencast
  • export the presentation as a multipage PDF
  • distribute the Doceri project, PDF, or video to your audience
  • You can do all of this without leaving Doceri!

    Tips for Getting Started

    • Save presentations into the Doceri folder in your computer's home directory and these files will be visible under Doceri's QuickLaunch button

    • With PowerPoint, be sure to save your slideshows as PowerPoint Show files (.ppsx) so they will launch in slideshow mode
    • If you're using Keynote, make sure to set the slideshow settings to Allow Expose, Dashboard and others to use screen so it will play nice with Doceri
    • If you plan to turn your presentation into a video later, we recommend starting with an already-annotated prentation, then using Doceri's Timeline to control it while you're recording, to minimize errors
    • To annotate a slide while using the presenter notes feature, you'll need to switch the monitor that Doceri is currently viewing by tapping one of the two monitor icons at the top of the Doceri screen


      Note: The monitor 1 and 2 icons are only visible while holding the iPad in portrait orientation

    • Controlling Your Slideshow and Annotating

      Because you have mouse and keyboard control over your computer with Doceri, advancing slides and other slideshow controls are very easy by tapping the space bar, or making a single mouse click. Even better, though, are the two tabs that appear on the left and right side of Doceri's screen while PowerPoint or Keynote is open on your computer: one has an up arrow, and one has a down arrow.


      These buttons act as your Next Slide and Previous Slide controls, letting you move through your presentation. To draw on top of a slide for your audience, touch the pen icon to enter Drawing Mode, write on the slide, then simply tap the Next Slide button when you're done and Doceri will automatically exit Drawing Mode and advance to the next slide in the presentation.

      Capturing Every Slide into an Annotated Doceri Slideshow

      One of the most common questions about using Doceri with PowerPoint or Keynote was: how can I annotate on top of all the slides in my presentation, then save all of those annotated slides into a single presentation, to show or distribute later? Doceri now makes that a breeze.

      Start off in the first slide of your presentation and enter Drawing Mode by pressing the pen icon. Annotate the slide, then when you're ready, press and hold the Next Slide button and watch what happens. While you hold the button down, Doceri will exit Drawing Mode, advance to the next slide, then when you release the button, Doceri will seamlessly re-enter Drawing Mode, automatically adding the previously annotated slide to your current Doceri project! Once you have finished, you'll have a complete annotated version of your presentation saved in your Projects Viewer.

      Tip: If you're using transitions in PowerPoint or Keynote, make sure you hold the Next Slide button long enough for the transition to complete before releasing it and entering Drawing Mode.

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