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Doceri GoodPoint Stylus Troubleshooting

Here are some troubleshooting steps to try before creating a support ticket.

IMPORTANT: Multitasking Gestures must be disabled

All current iOS versions contain a feature that will break the writing functionality of the Doceri GoodPoint stylus if not disabled. The new feature is called "Multitasking Gestures," and it lets you use four-finger swipes on the screen to switch between apps. This feature is turned on by default. If Multitasking Gestures are not deactivated when you use the Doceri GoodPoint stylus, your iPad could appear to lock up while writing. To disable this feature, go to the Settings on your iPad and turn off the switch labeled "Multitasking Gestures.

Stylus is not Recognized

Is the Doceri GoodPoint Stylus firmly plugged in?

The stylus must be plugged in completely in order for Doceri to recognize that the stylus is active and present. Push on the headphone connection firmly to ensure that the connection is tight.

Is the volume set to zero or muted?

The GoodPoint stylus requires the volume to be set at any level above 0 or muted in order to function properly. Please make sure the volume is set above 0 or muted before proceeding forward. 

Is your version of Doceri up to date?

Doceri Remote and Doceri Desktop are updated very frequently. To check for updates for Doceri Remote, go to your iPad's home screen and go to the App Store. At the bottom on the left is an update button. Tap on it to check to see if all of your apps are currently up to date. For Doceri Desktop, go to and click on the "Download" link on the top right. Follow the on-page instructions to download the latest version of Doceri Desktop.

You can also check your version number by Starting Doceri Desktop on your computer and looking at the bottom of the Doceri Dashboard. The version number is printed at the bottom.

You can check the version number of Doceri Remote by starting Doceri Remote on your iPad and looking at the top of the application once it is open (under the Doceri logo). The version number will be printed there.

Is your version of Java currently up to date?

Doceri runs in the Java programming language and requires an up to date version in order to function. You can download the latest version by visiting On the Mac, you will need OS version 10.5.8 or later. In Mac OSX Lion, when you run Doceri Desktop for the first time, it will prompt you to download Java in order to run. Follow the instructions to download the latest version of Java on the Mac in order to run Doceri Desktop.

Poor Stylus Performance

Are you currently running a Jailbroken iPad?

Some applications that can be installed on jailbroken iPad's interfere with the default volume settings causing interference with the Doceri GoodPoint Stylus. This may cause your Doceri GoodPoint Stylus to malfunction or possibly not function at all.

Are you using a clear screen shield to protect your iPad from scratches?

The Doceri GoodPoint Stylus requires direct contact with the screen in order to perform at its best. It is possible that it will perform normally with a clear screen shield applied to your iPad, but results may vary.

Is the stylus icon above the settings (gear) icon when in Doceri?

Doceri will automatically recognize a stylus the moment it is plugged into an iPad during an active Doceri session. Automatically, an icon will appear on the top menu bar over the settings (gear) icon. If you tap on the icon and go to Stylus Settings, there will be several options to choose from for configuration. Rotate the hand icon to adjust to your writing position. This allows you to rest your hand comfortably on the screen without making a mark with your palm in Doceri. If the icon does not appear and you are running the latest version of Doceri and Doceri Desktop, please e-mail us for support options at or create a support ticket on our website.

Are the tips on the stylus icon in Doceri constantly red even when not being used?

During normal operation, when tapping on the tips with the stylus plugged in, each tip icon in Doceri will light up RED when pressed. If the tips are constantly red even when not pressed, it is possible that your stylus is defective. Please email us for support options at or create a support ticket on our website.  

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