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The Doceri GoodPoint Stylus Frequently Asked Questions

IMPORTANT: To function properly, Doceri GoodPoint stylus requires that you to disable Multitasking Gestures in the iPad settings (iPad 2 only). Read "Disabling Multitasking Gestures" to learn more.

What is the Doceri GoodPoint Stylus?

The Doceri GoodPoint Stylus is a stylus that functions similarly to any other stylus available for the iPad. It can be used with other applications just like any other stylus, but it does have a few distinct features.

What are the distinct features?

The tips of the stylus are made of felt mimicking a felt-tip pen and allowing for a better sense of control. The stylus also features two distinct tips that, when used in conjunction with Doceri, allow the user to both write and erase without any additional setup. Also, when being used with Doceri, the stylus features full palm rejection allowing the user to rest their hand on the iPad as they annotate.

Will the palm rejection and erase features work in my other apps?

The erase and palm rejection features are currently exclusive to Doceri. We are looking to partner with other developers to include support for our stylus in their applications. If you are a developer and wish to learn more about a potential partnership opportunity, please e-mail for more information.

How does the Doceri GoodPoint Stylus work?

The stylus plugs into the headphone jack of your iPad. When plugged in and using Doceri, the distinct features, including palm rejection and the erase tip, become active along with a number of options to tailor the experience to your particular writing style. It even has the ability to be set for both right handed and left handed individuals.

What are the requirements of the Doceri GoodPoint Stylus?

The Doceri GoodPoint Stylus works with any iPad app out of the box. To use the erase tip and the palm rejection features, you must start Doceri Remote, connect the stylus to the heaphone jack on your iPad, and turn the volume up to any level above zero. Doceri Remote and Doceri Desktop must also be updated to the latest version available. You can check to see if Doceri Remote is up to date by visiting the updates section of the App store on your iPad. For Doceri Desktop, click on the "Download" link at the top of the page at and download the latest version available.

Will the Doceri GoodPoint Stylus work while using AirPlay with my Apple TV?

The Doceri GoodPoint stylus will not work while it is plugged in when activating mirroring with your Apple TV. The Apple TV disables/re-purposes the iPad's speakers and pushes audio to the Apple TV thus disabling the headphone jack making the stylus ineffective. Unplug the stylus and use the built-in Doceri software wrist guard to continue writing with the stylus.

Will the Doceri GoodPoint Stylus work while recording videos in Doceri?

The Doceri GoodPoint stylus will not work while recording videos in Doceri. Because the stylus requires the use of the microphone in order to function along with being plugged into the headphone jack, you should remove the stylus when recording videos. Use the wrist guard at the bottom of any open Doceri project while using the unplugged stylus.

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