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Using Doceri with an Ad Hoc Network

What is an Ad Hoc Network?

Ad hoc means to be formed or created to serve a particular purpose. An ad hoc network is a Wi-Fi network that is created by your computer to allow another device--in this case, an iPad--to connect. Most of the time, it's best to let your iPad and computer connect through a Wi-Fi network that's connected to the Internet, but if you encounter a "hostile" network (one that cat't Doceri make a connection through), setting up an ad hoc network can be a good workaround.

Doceri can be blocked by a number of firewall settings on the network router or even on the local computer. Some examples include:

  • Networks with Access Point Isolation enabled, which prevents two Wi-Fi devices from connecting
  • Networks where port 7019 is currently blocked on the network (the port Doceri uses to communicate
  • Desktop computers with certain Internet-protection software can block Doceri's connection
  • Windows Firewall can block communication, but only if you modify the Firewall settings after installing Doceri

If you find yourself unable to connect to a Doceri Desktop computer that you have connected to before, and you have no way to change the network configuration, setting up an ad hoc network may be the easiest workaround for you. Here's how to do it:

Setting Up an Ad Hoc Network for Mac

  1. Click on the Wi-Fi icon next to the clock and selectCreate Network...
  2. Give the network a name, channel can be any, and choose a level of security, either 40-bit or 128-bit. (40-bit passwords must be 5 characters in length and 128-bit must be 13.)
  3. Click "Create."

Setting Up an Ad Hoc Network for Windows 7

If you need instructions on performing this action in Windows XP, please visit the following link:

  1. Click on the Start button, select Connect to..., and select Set up a Connection or Network.
  2. Select Set up an Ad Hoc (Computer-to-Computer) network
  3. Click Next.
  4. Follow the steps in the guide to complete the setup.

Connecting with an iPad

To connect the iPad to the newly created ad hoc network:

  1. Tap Settings on your iPad home screen and choose Wi-Fi.
  2. Select the network that you created
  3. Enter the password when prompted to connect.

When you've got your iPad connected to the ad hoc network via Wi-Fi, restart Doceri Desktop on your computer. When the Doceri Dashboard appears, start Doceri Remote on your iPad and begin the connection process.

Remember: after you're finished with the ad hoc connection for Doceri, make sure to reconnect your iPad and computer to the normal Wi-Fi network so they will both have Internet access again. If you want to connect Doceri in this way again, just repeat the steps above.

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