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TCP Port Number Change to 7019

When Doceri establishes a network connection between your iPad and computer, it does so on one specific port on your network. If this port is closed on your network router, then Doceri won't be able to connect via the Wi-Fi network.

In Doceri 1.x, the default port number used is port 8086. This port was not officially registered. As a result, other apps could occasionally conflict with ours over the use of this port, blocking Doceri's communication.

In Doceri 2.0, the port number has been officially registered with ICANN and changed to 7019. This change should eliminate all port conflict issues with the Doceri Desktop application.

While this change won't affect new users, some IT administrators who had opened port 8086 for the older Doceri 1.x versions may need to adjust their network appropriately to match the new 7019 port. If you are having connection issues after updating to Doceri 2.0 when Doceri 1.x connected normally before, please speak to your IT admins and inquire about port 7019 and port 8086 on the network and confirm which port is currently open.

If you have any questions, please contact Doceri technical support.

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