“Doceri allows me to present a lesson from anywhere in the classroom; a big plus when trying to manage 32+ middle school students. To actually see what I am writing and replay it while facing my students with my back to the board is amazing! I can work out equations ahead of time, or live in front of the students.”

Anne Whitman, 7th grade math teacher at Oakdale Jr. High in California


Classroom Presentations


Effective teachers interact with their students, not whiteboards

Traditional blackboards and interactive whiteboards confine you to the front of the room. At a fraction of the cost of an electronic board, Doceri allows you to move freely about the room, so you can easily monitor students and ensure that they are on task and meeting educational objectives.

Annotate over PowerPoint and Keynote Presentations

Using Doceri, your presentations are right at your fingertips. Launch and control PowerPoint or Keynote slideshows from your iPad and use annotations to make your presentation come alive. You can even save your annotations along with the PowerPoint or Keynote slides as a Doceri project so you can use it again, edit it for a different class, or create a screencast.(screencast feature is only available on iPad version).

Prepare Ahead of Time or Change it on the Fly

Using Doceri’s timeline-based authoring platform, you can prepare your presentation in advance, edit, save and replay it for your class. You can play back your presentation at the speed that you created it (or faster), amending it at any time, as you desire. Easy-to-use playback options allow for continuous "play" of the handwritten notes or frame by frame as you would normally do with presentation software.


Keep One Eye on the Board (iPad version only)

Doceri’s dual-presenter view means you’ll always be able to preview the exact projected image that your students see, while you can use standard pinch and zoom to see, create and highlight details in specific areas of your screen.


Imagine watching your lesson write itself

The playback feature simulates the act of writing out your lesson presentation, eliminating your need to hover in front of the board, blocking it from view. The ability to go back through student’s work step by step opens a wealth of possibility, especially when going over math equations


Performance anxiety

Most students do not enjoy standing at the board in front of the classroom. With Doceri, you can pass your tablet to any student, allowing them to present to the whole classroom comfortably without performance pressure. Less shuffling of bodies saves everyone's time.

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