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West Georgia RESA Offers Cost Effective Doceri Interactive Teaching Software for iPad

GRANTVILLE, GA, Nov. 2, 2011 -- West Georgia Regional Education Service Agency (RESA) has teamed with SP Controls based in South San Francisco Calif., to offer the new Doceri iPad-based interactive teaching system to the seven school districts it serves throughout West Georgia.

Doceri is used in the classroom much like an interactive whiteboard, at a fraction of the cost. The software resides on a multi-use classroom computer and connects with the teacher's iPad wirelessly, projecting whatever is on the desktop computer onto a projection screen for the class to see. Teachers can move around the classroom, annotate over lesson presentations and even hand the iPad to a student in his or her seat to complete a math problem, for example.

West Georgia RESA's commitment to promoting student achievement includes a broad based technology program that includes professional learning, consulting and service for educators throughout the region. Researching new technologies and products to determine their effectiveness in furthering the regions educational goals is a big part of this mission.

The RESA Technology Team, headed by Andy Musick, has tested and approved the Doceri software and is proud to offer it to the schools in Carroll, Carrollton, Coweta, Harris, Heard, Meriwether and Troup counties.  RESA Purchasing Department Director Marileen Newborn is ready to assist in processing orders.  Visit the West Georgia RESA Purchasing Department Web site at for contact information.

About Doceri

With Doceri, technology finally transforms the way material is taught and presented. The Doceri Remote iPad app lets users both create hand-drawn lessons and presentations, as well as annotate, and completely control presentations on Mac and Windows computers running Doceri Desktop - remotely, portably, wirelessly and elegantly.

Doceri Desktop resides on the host computer, communicating with Doceri Remote on the iPad over a WiFi or ad hoc wireless network. Drawings, lessons, annotations and live presentations are carried out on the iPad. In addition to Doceri's powerful drawing and lesson creation, any file, image or video that can be displayed on the host computer can be displayed and controlled via Doceri Remote on the iPad.

Using the intelligent Doceri GoodPoint Stylus further enhances ease of use with palm recognition to eliminate stray strokes, and separate nibs for write and erase functions to make its use more intuitive for students and teachers alike.

The Doceri license is just $50 per classroom, as opposed to the cost of purchasing and installing a stand-alone electronic white board, which can be between $3,000 and $6,000.

For a free trial of Doceri and more information including videos and the Freedom To Teach blog, visit

About SP Controls

SP Controls, Inc., headquartered in South San Francisco, is a manufacturer of innovative audio-visual control products. The company has revolutionized audiovisual control technology for nearly fifteen years with its innovative, easy-to-use, and inexpensive products for classrooms and conference rooms. When Apple announced the release of the iPad, SP Controls immediately saw the potential for a new generation of simple, intuitive interface solutions. With its new Doceri suite of products, a variety of options and applications bring presentation technology down to earth. Doceri is taking control technology to the next level.

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