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Doceri Offers Free iPad-based Remote Desktop Control, Intelligent Stylus Integration, and Improved Drawing Capabilities with v1.2 Upgrade

SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, August 29, 2011—The Doceri iPad-based drawing and remote desktop control software from SP Controls Inc., originally released in February, has received a major upgrade including intelligent stylus integration and improved drawing and network connection capabilities. Doceri’s remote desktop control is unlocked and will remain so forever, allowing users to explore Doceri's rich annotation, store and replay features while enjoying a free, professional-class app to control their computers from the iPad.

With Doceri, technology finally transforms the way material is taught and presented. The Doceri Remote iPad app lets users both create hand-drawn lessons and presentations, as well as annotate, and completely control presentations on Mac and Windows computers running Doceri Desktop - remotely, portably, wirelessly and elegantly.

Using Doceri Remote, lessons and presentations can be displayed from most any software on the iPad-controlled desktop - or created right on the iPad - then replayed, annotated, extended, and revised, all in real time. The result is a powerful, utterly modern communication tool that allows teachers and presenters to interact freely and effectively with their audiences.

Doceri has also upped the ante with its revolutionary new Doceri GoodPoint intelligent stylus (now shipping, $39). When the Doceri GoodPoint stylus is used with Doceri applications, a user’s hands can rest directly on the iPad while drawing or writing. Accidental input vanishes because Doceri GoodPoint technology recognizes and ignores stray fingers, palms, and wrists. And with separate write and erase nibs at each end, the stylus can be flipped like a pencil to erase and correct. Doceri GoodPoint is an ultra-smooth gliding stylus, with one of the smallest capacitive tips available (4.5mm), so it serves as a high-quality stylus in any application.

Doceri’s upgrade to v1.2 brings faster performance and an all-around improved user experience, from installation and network discovery to smoother drawing and, of course, full support for the new Doceri GoodPoint stylus. Notable new features include automatic detection of multiple monitors and emailing of annotated screen captures from within the Doceri Remote iPad app.

Doceri Remote v1.2 is free in the App Store and the Doceri Desktop v1.2 upgrade is free for all registered users. New Desktop licenses are $50, with a free trial version available at including life-time, free desktop remote control.

Doceri v1.2 Upgrade Features

See videos of Doceri in action and a company blog.

About SP Controls

SP Controls, Inc., headquartered in South San Francisco, is a manufacturer of innovative audio-visual control products. The company has revolutionized audiovisual control technology for nearly fifteen years with its innovative, easy-to-use, and inexpensive products for classrooms and conference rooms. When Apple announced the release of the iPad, SP Controls immediately saw the potential for a new generation of simple, intuitive interface solutions. With its new Doceri suite of products, a variety of options and applications bring presentation technology down to earth. Doceri is taking control technology to the next level.

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