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94 Percent of Doceri Teachers Report Better Classroom Management

SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, CALIF. July 30, 2013— Teachers who used Doceri by SP Controls during the 2012/2013 US school year reported increased student engagement and better ability to manage their classrooms since using the new iPad-based whiteboard and screencasting software, according to a survey released today by the company.

The survey was conducted online in May 2013. Responses from 617 teachers reveal how they used Doceri in their classrooms during the previous year and what changes they experienced as a result. A clear, top line result emerged from the data: The ability to move among students while teaching with Doceri on the iPad made a significant difference in classroom management as well as student engagement.

According to Doceri teachers, this mobility means they can be in proximity to students who need reinforcement. Nearly all respondents (94 percent) said they were better able to manage their classrooms because of this mobility and 86 percent said their students were more engaged.

“I love that I am not stuck behind my computer to use my computer,” says Kristine Marsden from Ocoee Middle School in Ocoee, Florida. “With Doceri, I can teach and circulate to help with classroom management. The students like that they can write on the screen from their desks. They also like that I can sit or stand by them and still teach and write on the screen.”

Of those teachers who were able to discern an increase in student performance, nearly 75 percent use Doceri to present hand-written lessons in class as a replacement for a fixed interactive whiteboard


Nearly 30 percent of Doceri teachers are flipping the classroom using the Doceri iPad app, and of those, 92 percent said they believe students retain information better because they can review a lesson screencast as often as they need to outside of class. The flip classroom phenomenon is permeating education as teachers are empowered to create their own lesson videos similar to those available from Kahn Academy, but with a personal connection to their students.

The full report is available from SP Controls at

About Doceri and SP Controls

Founded in 1995, SP Controls has revolutionized audiovisual control technology with its innovative, easy-to-use, and inexpensive products for classrooms and conference rooms. Recognizing that tablet technology would revolutionize remote A/V control, SP Controls developed the Doceri Software suite in 2011, which has quickly replaced legacy, fixed interactive whiteboards in schools and universities worldwide.

SP Controls is located in South San Francisco, Calif. Contact the company toll free 877-367-8444.

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