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Doceri makes a Good Point for its iPad Drawing and Presentation App for Educators

SP Controls announces intelligent iPad stylus, software upgrade, fully functional free 30 day trial

SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, June 2, 2011 – SP Controls today announced the next phase of the Doceri Software suite, offering improved user experience for its Doceri Desktop and Doceri Remote drawing and presentation application for educators, with a free software upgrade and support for its new Doceri GoodPoint intelligent stylus. The software upgrade and Doceri GoodPoint stylus will be available before the end of June, 2011.

Doceri GoodPoint Intelligent Stylus

Designed specifically for use with Doceri Remote for the iPad, the Doceri GoodPoint (patent pending) stylus is a highly accurate, ultra smooth gliding stylus with a 4.5mm tip – one of the smallest tips available in a capacitive stylus.

With its unique tip design, Doceri GoodPoint makes accurate handwritten annotations comfortable and easy. While the user’s palm rests on the glass of the iPad, Doceri GoodPoint recognizes the location of the stylus nib and rejects other touches not intended to be strokes. Special functions can be assigned to Doceri GoodPoint for use with Doceri software, including the ability to click and drag objects using the stylus when in remote desktop mode, as well as a WYSIWYG setting that matches the stroke width no matter how far you are zoomed in as you write. The flexible stylus tip glides across the glass surface of the iPad with less friction. Additionally, Doceri GoodPoint has separate write and erase nibs at each end. This combination of intelligent, customizable features make creating interactive lessons and drawings with Doceri as seamless and natural as with pen and paper.

Doceri GoodPoint is the perfect companion for the Doceri software suite, challenging the notion that the iPad is a consumption-only device. Doubling its utility, Doceri GoodPoint can also be used with any iPad application as a basic stylus, making it the only stylus Doceri users will need. Doceri GoodPoint is available at a suggested retail price of $39.

Doceri Software Enhancements

Doceri Desktop resides on the host computer, communicating with Doceri Remote on the iPad over a WiFi or ad hoc wireless network. Drawings, lessons, annotations and live presentations are carried out on the iPad. In addition to Doceri’s powerful drawing and lesson creation, any file, image or video that can be displayed on the host computer can be displayed and controlled via Doceri Remote on the iPad. Enhancements to the Doceri software include improved screen update time four times faster than the original version, one-finger click and drag action using a finger or stylus, the ability to save or email drawings as jpegs, streamlined discovery of available Doceri Desktop servers, and dramatically improved stroke smoothing.

The Doceri version 1.1 software upgrade will be available for download by all registered Doceri users before the end of June, 2011. Those users who are still in trial mode using version 1.0 Doceri software may upgrade to the new version, gaining the ability to save documents for the new 30 day trial period.

Pricing and Availability

The Doceri GoodPoint intelligent stylus is scheduled to ship before the end of June 2011 at a suggested retail price of $39. More information as well as a free trial download of Doceri Desktop is available on the Doceri web site and blog at The accompanying Doceri Remote iPad app is available as a free download in the iTunes store.

About SP Controls

SP Controls, Inc., headquartered in South San Francisco, is a manufacturer of innovative audio-visual control products. The company’s mission is based on the belief that simple, intuitive control of complex audio-visual equipment is both possible and necessary. SP Controls’ AV control, video/audio distribution, audio, networking, and mounting products are widely used in educational and corporate environments, making AV systems easier to use for everyone.

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