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What’s New in Doceri 2.0

DoceriWe’re celebrating!

The Doceri 2.0 update is now live in the Apple iTunes Store – you’ll see an update notice on your iPad within about 24 hours. And if you’re new to Doceri, welcome, you’ve found the original iPad-based interactive whiteboard – and now, screencast recorder.

The big question we’ve been getting is “What’s New in Doceri 2.o?” There’s so much, that it seems like the question should be what’s NOT new. We’ll hit the highlights here.

Create, Share, Control, Present – all from the iPad

With this update, Doceri is now fully functional on the iPad whether or not a connection to Doceri Desktop software on a host computer is present, and professional quality screencasts can be created live while presenting or can be created and edited in advance for sharing in a Flipped Classroom environment.

Airplay Integration

For presenting to a live classroom or audience, Doceri can now be used to connect to Apple TV via specialized Airplay integration – in addition to its traditional configuration connecting to Doceri Desktop on a host computer via WIFI or an ad hoc wireless connection. Doceri’s special airplay integration insures that the audience sees only the presentation section of the Doceri app, not the controls or toolbar which can be distracting in a classroom or presentation environment.

Screencasting for the Flipped Classroom

Doceri 2.0 builds on SP Controls’ original iPad-based interactive whiteboard software with the addition of audio/video screencasting so that teachers can easily capture their lesson presentations and share them with students before or after class – flipping the classroom so that class time can be primarily spent interacting with students rather than lecturing.

With Doceri’s exclusive timeline editor, teachers can create screencasts live as they present lessons, or they can create, edit and perfect their hand-drawn or annotated lessons first, then control the playback while the audio voiceover is recorded. This is a significant advantage over basic iPad screencasting apps.

Doceri screencasts are exported as standard, high quality MP4 video and teachers retain complete control over how and where their screencast videos are shared. From inside the app, screencasts can be shared to YouTube or Facebook with custom privacy settings, sent as an email attachment or saved to the iPad Camera Roll and transferred to the desktop via iTunes.

Doceri Remains Free to Try

The Doceri app is available as a free download in the iTunes App Store. All features are available in the free app, with exported images, PDFs and screencast videos bearing a “Created with Doceri” watermark. This watermark can be removed – or customized to the users own logo or custom watermark created within the app – via a $4.99 in-app purchase.

A free fully functional free trial version of Doceri Desktop can be downloadedright here on the Doceri Web site. The trial version does not expire. A Doceri logo is visible on the projected image until the software is purchased and registered. A single seat license has recently been reduced from $50 to $30 and may be easily purchased on the Doceri web site. Purchase orders are also accepted for multi-seat licenses.


If you are transitioning from Doceri Remote and Doceri Desktop 1.x

CLICK HERE to Upgrade in Three Easy Steps!

The “What’s New” List


Create a live screencast as you present, or create, edit and perfect your project in advance and add an audio voice over lateChoose to save audio or delete and re-record without impacting your Doceri project
Videos may be shared via YouTube, Facebook or email and/or saved to the Camera Roll and any app that responds to video

New Drawing and Authoring Tools
New line tools (with snapping), geometric shapes (rectangle, ellipse) arrow tool and a new pen tool with realistic ink flow  Easy access to six user-defined favorites from the available drawing tools
Place photos from Camera Roll, Photo Stream or another application at any point in your project
The new lasso tool allows you to cut, copy, move and paste drawing objects
Choose between patterns, colors or create custom backgrounds on any slide in your project

Direct Controls for Keynote and Powerpoint
Launch a PowerPoint or Keynote presentation and use Doceri’s one-touch controls to advance your slides
Annotate over Keynote or Powerpoint (or anything shown on your desktop), creating a multipage Doceri project while keeping your original presentation file intact

Completely Revamped File Management
Doceri files can now be stored on the iPad
Duplicate, merge projects, and transfer to and from your desktop
Combine, resize and share screencasts to Facebook, YouTube, Camera Roll or email with a simple drag and drop
Full implementation of cross application file sharing allowing “open in” function to copy files in and out of Doceri


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  1. Jeanette Shearer
    Posted July 26, 2012 at 10:51 am | Permalink | Reply

    We are looking at an application for our school – is there a licence system whereby we can install Doceri on a number of ipads

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