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What can you do with Doceri? Annotate over Photos (first in a series)

BookcaseThis is the first in a series of posts to show the breadth of Doceri applications for classroom instruction, corporate training, presentations and creative projects. Doceri software resides on your desktop or laptop computer and communicates with your iPad via a wireless or ad hoc network connection. All control and content creation is carried out on the iPad, while the files are saved on the computer.

Annotate over Photos with Doceri

With Doceri, you can easily annotate over any photograph. To do this, start by placing your photo into the “Backgrounds” folder inside of the Doceri folder on your computer.  Rename the file to the form Name_fit.jpg so that Doceri will fit the photo to be as large as possible on the screen without cropping.  Then, open Doceri on your iPad, touch “New drawing on background” and select your photo as the background.  Note that files in the folder are listed alphabetically.  Now draw over your photo.  To export the image as a JPEG file, simply touch “Save as background.”  This will place the annotated photograph into your background folder where you can retrieve it on your computer.

When used in a Doceri presentation such as this one, annotation is a powerful teaching tool.

More annotated photo examples

Bat Country 1 Bat Country 2

Bat Country 3 Ruffler

Earth Day Chip


Guitar Beads

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