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Welcome Back! Going Forward In The 2015-2016 School Year.

It’s back to school time and at SP Controls we are excited! This year’s going to be a bit different on The Freedom to Teach Blog. Usually, we highlight amazing things being created with Doceri from all over the world. We will continue to post Doceri instructional innovation. However, during the 2015-2016 school year we will be focused on the stories of a select few of our fantastic Doceri Teachers and Doceri Districts all year long! Here’s a quick look at who we have in store for you:

KLaabsKim Laabs – Novato, CA – San Marin High School – Math Teacher. Is going to be piloting The Doceri Classroom with the full regalia. The 1st and only full Doceri Classroom has recently been installed in Kim’s classroom we will be chronicling her experience as the first Doceri Classroom Teacher.

“I began using Doceri in 2013 to make screencasts in order to flip instruction in my math class.  Additionally, I  have made screencasts to respond to emailed questions from former students who have gone on to college.”

OTeAARV0Kenny Bosch – Muskego,WI – Muskego High School, Social Studies Teacher- Grade 9 World History and Grade 11 American Issues/ Graduate Course Instructor – Midwest Teacher’s Institute and Calumet College of St. Joseph, IN “:

“Doceri always has an initial “wow” response followed by, “I want that!” when I show Doceri to staff. My students love how they are able to contribute to a class discussion or answer a question on the screen without having to leave their desk.” 

Ben_copterBen Cogswell – Salinas, CA- Alisal Union School District –  TOSA Technology Coach

“Doceri brings freedom to the classroom: I am not tied to down to a computer or whiteboard. My teaching becomes a rewindable and reviewable lesson that can travel with the students to home and back again.” 



Manor_Logo_1Manor_Doceri_certManor ISD – Manor, TX – Manor Independent School District – Instructional Technology Team

“With iPads being part of every teacher’s issued technology we looked for solutions to integrate whiteboards and mobile presenting through the iPad. Doceri was just the comprehensive and affordable solution.”




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