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Wayland High School 1:1 iPad Pilot includes Doceri for Interactive Whiteboarding

Wayland High School in Wayland Mass. is well underway with a Pilot 1:1 iPad Initiative. Working with the school’s technology department, Ed Dehoratius is spearheading the pilot. One section of the College English4 classes he teaches will be using the iPads while the other section continues without the iPads. According to DeHoratius’ blog, this means “a control is built into the pilot: part of our assessment is to do different activities both with and without the iPads.”

“We’re building a new high school (moving in Jan. 3, after December break; that’s a bit terrifying) and one of our concerns from a technology standpoint is the extent to which interactive white boards would be utilized by teachers in the new school. A few of us have them in the old school, but we of course are those that have committed to using them (and I think there are maybe 5 in classrooms in the old school).”

“One of the iPad questions was can it function as a white board, i.e. can we simply install regular white boards at a fraction of the cost and use the iPad plus a projector to simulate an interactive white board. Obviously this does away with a lot of the whistles and bells of the interactive white board and focuses almost entirely on annotation / preservation-of-notes but this is the majority of what the white board is used for (at least that’s my impression; I’ve been using a Promethean ActivBoard for maybe four years now and, while the whistles and bells – the clip art, the sounds, magic text, etc. – are fun to both explore and implement, it is rare that my lesson is incumbent upon them.)”

DeHoratius’ blog goes on to explore other aspects of Doceri, including the remote mouse function. Read his full blog post on Doceri here.

His conclusion?

“I have not used my interactive white board since I got Doceri (sorry Promethean). It allows me to wander the classroom and write on the board, I can give the students the iPad for them to write on the board, I can write on a blank screen or annotate a web site, document, among other things.”

We’ll be sure to check back in with Wayland this Spring to see how things are going!

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