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Contest: Want to Win an iPad Pro and Apple Pencil?

We are asking the question: How do you use the full Doceri System (iPad App and Doceri Desktop) to engage your students and facilitate learning?

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Apple iPad Pro and Apple Pencil photo from Apple.com

SP Controls would like to celebrate the 21st century teacher that has stepped away from the front of the classroom with the help of Doceri Desktop and the Doceri iPad App. So we’re having a contest. We’re asking for teachers like you to share a 2-3 minute long video of you highlighting your use of the FULL Doceri system.

  • How do you use Doceri Desktop in combination with the Doceri iPad App?
  • How does being mobile help you access your students?
  • How does making screencasts help your students access your curriculum?
  • Do you use it for differentiation? How does Doceri help you be the teacher that you want to be?

The video with the best and clearest explanation of how a teacher uses both Doceri Desktop and the Doceri iPad App to personally to connect with each of their students to support their learning will

win an iPad Pro and Apple Pencil!

The contest requirements are as follows:

  • Contest registration form (link below)
  • Produce a 2-3 minute recording of you using Doceri in your classroom.
  • Upload your video to YouTube and share the link when completing the registration form.


Your video must include:

  • You stating your name, role in education, grade(s), school, district, State/Province, and Country.
  • Describe how you usually run a lesson in your class and how the Doceri system enhances your curriculum. The more you show us rather than tell us how Doceri helps you the better your chances to win.
  • Video of you using Doceri Desktop and interacting with students during a lesson.
  • At least one clip from one or more of your Doceri Screencasts.


Your video can also include:

  • Clip(s) of student Doceri screencast
  • Student(s) talking about how they feel about Doceri in their classroom.
  • Release form required if including students in your video.


Click here for the contest registration Form


Your registration and video must be submitted by April 14th, 2017. We will announce the winner at the end of  April, 2017.

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