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Tracing Photos to Create Tutorials with Doceri

We’re always excited to find new videos on YouTube that use Doceri to educate viewers in fun ways. This one from the Pilot Tutor uses tracing, shading and photo imports to give an introductory lesson on the basic parts of an airplane:


Tracing photos with Doceri is a great way to get your point across. Use the import photo function to bring in an image from your iPad’s camera roll – or just navigate to an image on your desktop or on the Web when you’re connected via Doceri Deskop. Use the pen tools to trace over the outlines of the photo, using as much detail as you’d like.

When you’re finished, select the photo and delete it. You’re left with a clean line drawing, and you can change the background to make it stand out. You can then color in the drawing and use call outs to identify various parts. Use the drawing as an image or PDF, or create an animated screencast like the Pilot Tutor did.

You can add and re-size photos as well, to provide further information about your topic. Use the photo import function, pinch and zoom to resize your photo and move it to your desired location on the Doceri background. Tap the screen again to confirm placement of the photo.

There are so many ways to use these techniques in Doceri to explain, to instruct – or just to have some fun!

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