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The Single Most Effective App for the Interactive Classroom

Here’s the secret: There isn’t one.

From our Spring 2014 Doceri teacher survey data and conversations with educators at all levels we know that Doceri can have a huge impact on a teacher’s practice and classroom. Many teachers began using Doceri primarily to control their computers remotely from their iPads, so they could move around the room and be closer to their students while they teach. In fact, 92% of survey respondents said this is true for them. However, as impactful as Doceri is, no app operates in a silo. In fact, in order to reach the status of an interactive classroom many apps must be employed with Doceri.

You’re a teacher. You’ve been using Doceri to create your screencasts but there are a few problems to solve to make this an effective learning system. You will need the following:

A safe place to post screencasts for assignments/ review

A safe place to hold online/ backchannel discussions

A way to make your screencasts interactive

A way to collect data about student comprehension of screencast viewings

A way to increase engagement through video enhancement

A way for students to create their own screencasts within the classroom.

If there is a need – to quote the Apple ad – “There’s an app for that.”

In my subsequent posts I will talk about a few possible solutions for each problem.


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