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The New Doceri: Flip Your Classroom with a Flip of Your iPad

The Doceri team is at ISTE this week, meeting teachers and ed tech specialists from all over the country and showing off the NEW Doceri. We’ve listened intently to you all since we introduced Doceri in February of 2011 – the very first iPad-based interactive whiteboard with remote desktop control.

Doceri ScreenNow, we’re unveiling Version 2 of Doceri, with professional screencasting so you can create lessons and turn them into great looking videos to archive your lessons or create instructional resources for your Flipped Classroom

We’ve submitted the new Doceri app to the Apple App store this week, and we expect it to be available in the iTunes App Store very soon.

In the mean time, here’s a preview:


Create First, Then Record

Using Doceri’s exclusive Timeline-based lesson authoring platform on the iPad, you can create and perfect your lesson in advance before adding an audio voice over to create a video screencast.

Share on Your Own Terms

Doceri will never force you to upload your video to a specific Website – Doceri screencasts can be uploaded directly to YouTube or Facebook, or you can share via email or save to you iPad’s camera roll for more exclusive distribution through a learning management system, private Web site or used in an iBook.

Create Anywhere

With the new Doceri, you won’t have to be connected to your classroom computer to create and edit projects and share them as still images, multi-page PDFs for screencast videos. When you return to the classroom, you’ll be able to share your lessons via your computer and projector and control your presentation from your iPad like you always have.

How will You Use the NEW Doceri in Your Classroom?

  • Post a lesson on YouTube for your students to view before coming to class
  • Email that same lesson to your student’s parents, edited with ideas for discussion
  • Capture an image of your whiteboard at the end of class and send it home with your students via email
  • Record your lessons and lectures live in the classroom and make them available to students afterwards

We can’t wait to hear how you’ll use the new Doceri!


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