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The Doceri Classroom

Doceri Classroom

You think you know Doceri? Did you know that Doceri is a 3 part system? You probably know about the iPad screencasting app with the brilliant timeline and smooth drawing tools. Doceri Desktop, the desktop control system that allows a user to control their PC with the iPad app is also familiar to you. However, there is a third part of the Doceri interactive teaching system. The third part consists of an audio visual control system that includes the Networked Room Controller (NRC), a wall mounted control panel called the PixiePro, AmpLinc amplifiers that connect to ceiling mounted speakers, and the Doceri iPad App.

Welcome to the Doceri Classroom! The main point of the Doceri Classroom is CONTROL. All  teachers desire control in their classrooms especially control over their media. Control over media gives the teacher a fighting chance to create that lesson FLOW. What kills a flow?  Manually switching from DVD to computer and back again, walking over to turn the lights on or off, messing with subpar computer speakers, etc. In the Doceri classroom the PC, the projector, the built in high quality speakers, the peripheral media players, and even the room lights can all be controlled from anywhere in the room using the Doceri iPad app.

We will detail all the benefits and the nuts and bolts of the Doceri Classroom in later posts. We are highlighting our full system now because our first Doceri Classroom user is having her classroom outfitted with the control equipment as we speak in order to be ready for next school year. Math Teacher Kim Laabs has been featured on our Facebook page and YouTube Channel many times. She produces extremely well organized high school level math screencasts and has folded Doceri Desktop into her daily pedagogy at San Marin High School in Novato, CA.

Next year she will have a whole new level of control in her room. That lesson FLOW will be literally at her fingertips with the full suite of apps and hardware installed in her classroom by SP Controls.

The real treat for all of us is that Kim will be keeping us regularly updated on our blog throughout next school year! Kim’s experience with the Doceri Classroom will be broadcast for all of our Doceri users right here on the Freedom to Teach Blog. You’ll get to know Kim a bit better on the next Teacher Feature. Summer is time to be savored but fall promises to be exciting and innovative in quest of the FLOW! Stay tuned…



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