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The Doceri Classroom: The 21st Century Learning Hub

The 21st Century Educational Technology VisionInteractive Learning

The vision of 21st Century learning laid out in a 2011 Edutopia article, Technology Integration: A Short History by Suzie Boss has become a reality.  Schools and Districts are pushing a wider scope of learning objectives such as the Four C’s: Creativity, Communication, Collaboration, and Critical Thinking (outlined in the NEA’s Guide to the Four C’s.) There is no end to the number of articles and studies that support the integration of technology in classrooms. The Common Core State Standards even require the use and direction instruction of technology within lesson activities. The question is no longer if technology should be integrated in the classroom but HOW and what tools will be effective?

The Doceri ClassroomDoceri CLR Portal

Enter The Doceri Classroom. Have you ever noticed the little projector icon that is greyed out when you hold your iPad in the vertical position? Well, this is the portal to the Doceri Classroom. You may say, “Oh yeah, Doceri! The iPad Screencasting app.” or “Isn’t that the desktop control/ screen capture software?” and you would be correct. However, the tablet app and Doceri Desktop are just 2 out of the 3 pieces that make up the Doceri Classroom. Doceri is a classroom and instructional content and media control system. In other words, the Doceri Classroom allows a teacher to control all aspects of their presentations from software to hardware within their class from a tablet computer.

The Hardware 

Pixie Pro Wall Panel

Pixie Pro Wall Panel

With some additional parts you now have access to all of your AV resources anytime…anywhere.  The hardware: Ceiling mounted projector, ceiling mounted speakers, DVD players and Medial players like AppleTV without ever looking for a that hidden remote controller.  The Doceri Classroom replaces all those remotes with a wall mounted button panel, but also gives you all of that control through your iPad. Now you can control the volume, switch inputs on your projector from media devices like AppleTV to DVD to PC and back again all from the tap of a finger on the Doceri tablet app.

The Learning Hub

The Doceri Classroom allows for the instructor to operate the projector and all AV resourced without ever leaving Doceri. 

  • No more battery operated Remote Controls in the room to get lost or stolen.
  • IP based access to projectors throughout district to ensure projector lamps are off.
  • Email notifications for expected lamp expiration.
  • Email notifications for unscheduled disconnects and projector removal.
  • Email notifications for Tech Help.
  • Remote access and control from a central admin location.
  • Contact security for emergency situations.

    Networked Room Controller (NRC)

    Networked Room Controller (NRC)

The Freedom to Teach

Discussions can flow freely. Discussions can be recorded at will. Collaboration occurs naturally with the teacher facilitating where needed. Communication skills are developed by reviewing recorded discussions or augmented with a microphone wirelessly connected to the speakers. Student presentation styles are limitless; song, video, theatre. Critical thinking is fostered by students discussing presentations of their own screencasts to show mastery of content. Having this much control of the teaching environment gives the 21st Century teacher a hub that allows the information and idea exchange to flow freely. The Doceri Classroom gives teachers and students the ability to create and control their own content. The Doceri Classroom gives teachers the Freedom to Teach!

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