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Teacher Feature: Quinn Swartwout

QuinnName: Quinn Swartwout

School: Warren Street Elementary

District: Greater Johnstown School District

State: New York

Job Title: 6th Grade Math and Science Teacher 

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How does Doceri enhance your curriculum?

Doceri is instrumental to my daily math and science pedagogy. Two years ago I installed Doceri and have never looked back! The ipad app is my, “go to” app and is used as an interactive whiteboard for my math module lessons. I have created colorful and standard-focused Doceri presentations on every math module lesson I teach. I also use Doceri Desktop to pause and interact with BrainPop videos, to demo math skills while using IXL, and to pull up pictures and websites that add to my science instruction. All while moving about my room and not being chained to my projector cart or the board.

What has been the reaction of your students, other staff, and, parents to your use of Doceri? My 6th grade students have enjoyed using Doceri’s whiteboard app alongside with me. Several of them have downloaded the app to their devices and choose this method for their own science presentations. I have trained some teachers and plan on training more, but the ones that are now using it love it’s simplicity. Yet, they are amazed at how much it can change your teaching.

What was your experience getting students started on creating their own screencasts? Piece of cake! My 6th grade students love using Doceri! They have basic technology capabilities, so creating on the iPad app is easy for them.It’s so much fun for them to learn new tricks, like adding pictures and using the lasso tool to copy and paste all or part of the strokes on a slide. Some even go so far as to add voice to their slides to create screencasts! We do a lot of redo’s and cuts with a lot of giggling. Kids + Doceri = FUN!

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