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Teacher Feature: Oommen George

Oomen georgeName: Professor Oomen George

School: Professor at San Jacinto College, Pasadena Texas

Subject: Physics

“In my search for whiteboard apps, I hit a gold mine when I found Doceri. It has all the necessary tools to create a good interactive presentation.

Doceri has made teaching and learning for my students easier. The time spent in teaching has been greatly reduced since I have the lectures (including all the math) made before class.

My advice for new Doceri users ( I have trained many at my college) is to keep at it since it will transform the way you teach!”


SmartPhysicsOomenGeorgeProfessor George’s YouTube Channel – Smart Physics – has nearly 300 subscribers and more than 22,000 views. You can also follow him on Google+. Here’s recent example of one of his Doceri screencasts, on temperature and kinetic theory:


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