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Teacher Feature: Kenny Bosch 1.0

Kenny BoschScreen Shot 2015-09-28 at 5.50.58 PM

School: Muskego High School, Muskego, WI

District:  Muskego-Norway School District

Job Titles: Grade 9, World History, Grade 11 American Issues Teacher – Graduate Course Instructor through- Midwest Teacher’s Institute and Calumet College of St. Joseph, IN.

How do you use Doceri? Do you use Doceri Desktop as well as the iPad app?

I use both Doceri Desktop and the iPad app. I use Doceri to control my desktop computer, presentations and make recordings to use in my flipclass. I also use Doceri to add content on the fly in class and annotate over online and presentation materials.

What have been the reactions of your students, other staff, admin, parents to Your use of Doceri?

Doceri always has an initial “wow” response followed by, “I want that!” when I show Doceri to staff. My students love how they are able to contribute to a class discussion or answer a question on the screen without having to leave their desk. Students even use my iPad and Doceri to present to the class. Students and parents love the recordings that I make to explain class content because they are able to review the lesson as many times as needed.

What was your experience getting students started on creating their own screencasts?

Most students are hesitant to start screencasting but over time they open up. I have gone to making one of the early projects of the year a mandatory screencast so that the students get over the fear. After they make their first one they enjoy making more.

How has Doceri changed how you interact with your students during lectures/ presentations/ small group instruction?

Doceri gives you the freedom to move around the classroom and not be tethered to your computer or stand at the screen. I love the ability to add content on the fly as it comes to my head and annotate over anything. Doceri allows each presentation to truly become unique.

Have you flipped your classroom?

Yes, I flipped my classroom four years ago.

Do you have any advice for teachers new to using Doceri, creating screencasts, or integrating tech into their class routines?

My advice is always to start somewhere. You do not have to go “all in.” You can flip any part of your classroom. I tell people to flip a favorite lesson or activity, or flip their least favorite activity. Find something to change that you will be motivated to complete the work. Also, flip one chapter or unit per quarter. Lastly, you do not have to be the expert in all or even most of the technology. Your students will know or will learn most of it and they can teach each other and even teach you how to use it.

Contact Kenny @kennybosch

Kenny’s books are available for sale on Kenny’s Blog and Amazon.com:

  • Flipping 2.0 Practical Strategies to Flip Your Class
  • Personalized PD: Flipping Your Professional Development


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