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Teacher Appreciation Week: Doceri in the science classroom

teacher-appreciation-scienceWe love exploring Doceri screencast videos on YouTube. Its so gratifying to see what teachers are doing with the Doceri software!

As we celebrate our Doceri teachers in honor of Teacher Appreciation Week 2013, today we look at some of the teachers who are engaging their science classes using Doceri. From explaining the conservation of mechanical energy to exploring the human body, our hats are off to these creative and engaging teachers in biology, chemistry and physics classes throughout the world!


Rebecca Delozier: Heat


Robert OBlenis: Using a calorimetrr for a heat calculation


Johanna Leeders: Biology, organs


Tony Kortenkamp: Astronomy


Ms. Cauthron: Torque


Mariner Biology: Transporting Materials Across a Cell Membrane


Oommen George: Thermodynamics


Philip Cook: Chemical Equilibrium


YouChem Tutorials: Using Bond Energies to Calculate Heats(Enthalpy) of Reactions


Nancy Dong: Chemistry Two Step


Adam Randall: Electrostatic Force Maintains Equilibrium

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