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Teacher Appreciation Week: Doceri in history, social studies, geography and critical thinking

Teacher-Appreciation-Week-DoceriIts Teacher Appreciation Week, 2013, and we have a LOT of teachers to thank! We can’t possibly highlight all of our wonderful Doceri teachers in one week, so thought we’d highlight as many as we can in a different subject area each day.

Across K-12 and higher education, teachers and faculty are using Doceri to explain concepts in a visual way throughout history, social studies and geography classrooms – and even in higher education humanities.

If you’re using Doceri, we’d love to hear how it has changed your classroom this year.

Here are today’s highlights:

Scott Seagraves, World History

Mr. Seagraves uses Doceri in conjunction with Doceri desktop to access, project and annotate over lesson materials on his computer.


Chris Henke, 7th Grade Social Studies

Mr. Henke expalains how oil is formed and processed. Mr Henke also uses Doceri to create and post short video captures of the week’s agenda for his classes.


Richard Newton – Critical Thinking at Cal Poly Pomona

We highlighted Richard’s flipped classroom last week on the Doceri blog. In this screencast, Richard explores the concept of scriptural economies.


Ken Yanow – Geography

Ken explains latitude, longitude and time zones in this Doceri screencast that has had more than 1300 views.


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