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SXSWedu is looking for your creative, tech-savvy teaching ideas

We were privileged to present Doceri as part of the South-By-South West LAUNCH edu event last Spring in Austin Texas. Attending SXSWedu, we got a first-hand taste of all the excitement, not to mention the bar-be-que!

SXSW Panel PickerSXSWedu happens again March 4-7, 2013, during the week before the SXSW Interactive conference.The “panel picker” process is now open, and SXSW organizers are looking for educators to share their creative ideas and digital innovations for connecting with increasingly tech-savvy students.

We’re encouraging our Doceri educator community to apply to present at SXSW. You’ve already adopted Doceri in your teaching and you’re full of creative ideas. We may be biased, but we think you’ve got innovation running through your veins!

Click here to learn more about presenting at SXSW and the panel picker process.

You can submit a proposal for a variety of types of presentations – here’s the overview from the SXSWedu Q&A. Good luck, and be sure to let us know when you submit your proposal so we can vote for you in the panel picker process!

SXSW Proposal Options

Solo Presentation
Prepared presentation. One (1) speaker, one (1) hour total time, including audience Q&A.

Dual Presentation
A prepared presentation or conversation. Two (2) speakers. One (1) hour total time, including audience Q&A.

Panel Discussion
Diverse discussion around a particular topic. Four (4) people maximum – three speakers, plus one (1) moderator. One (1) hour total time, including audience Q&A.

A prepared interview. Two (2) speakers. One (1) hour total time, including audience Q&A.

Core Conversation
An open conversation with attendees around a particular topic. One (1) or two (2) conversation leaders. One (1) hour total time, including audience Q&A.

In-depth instructional program covering a particular idea/topic. One (1) or two (2) speakers. Two (2) hours total time.

Future 15
Short prepared presentations around a particular topic. One (1) speaker per presentation. Each individual presentation runs for 12 minutes. Multiple speakers/presentations will be combined for 1 (one) hour long session.

Book Reading
Reading or overview from recently published authors. 30 minute time, including audience Q&A. Two authors will be combined for 1 (one) hour long session.


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