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Support and Access In the Doceri Classroom: Kim Laabs 1.1

High School Math teacher Kim Laabs is the first teacher to have the full Doceri Classroom installed in her classroom at San Marin High School in Novato. Kim’s students have been privy to high quality audio enveloping the room in crystal clear sound. When she’s playing one of her own videos for the whole class they won’t miss an instruction. “The kids are actually commenting on the quality of the sound!, stated Mrs. Laabs.” They also enjoy when they are working and Mrs. Laabs puts on music to work by and they can actually hear it.

The other piece of equipment that is impacting the flow of Kim’s teaching is simple but has made life while teaching more enjoyable is the Pixie Pro Media Wall Control Panel. Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 9.05.23 PM

She easily switches from her document camera to computer and back again. No lag in changing devices while in mid lesson means engagement can be kept active. Kim says that it’s just been luxurious to not have to be stuck at a media center in the middle of the room and absolutely lovely to be using speakers that work and sound like a concert rather than sound from two tin cans and a string.

As usual the Doceri iPad app and Doceri Desktop has been a fabulous aid in allowing her students access to calculus, algebra, and prealgebra lessons. She records her lectures daily unless she has prerecorded the lesson. Either way the material that she is expecting her students to learn is posted on her school website and on her YouTube channel. Often she will receive an email from a student or two asking for clarification on a concept and she can easily point them back to the video she has posted. Kim says,”The Doceri Classroom has been an invaluable tool for my students especially the ones who need more time with the material. I spend a lot less time reteaching due to the quality of support I can pour into my videos.” Mrs. Laabs goes on to state,”I truly do expect all teachers to be making videos in the future especially since it’s so easy to do! The amount of time it gives me with my students during class is very worth the time I put into making screncasts. Doceri is giving me more quality time with my students and I can see the difference in their understanding.”


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