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SP Controls’ Lisa Roberts Answers: How Do You Doceri?

About a month after Doceri was launched, the Doceri chief architect asked all the SP Controls employees to create a Doceri drawing that we could share with our users.

Though I love the creative possibilities that Doceri opens for our users, I was not thrilled about this assignment. I am NOT an artist, I don’t think of myself as very creative, and I’m certainly not a mathematician. We had examples by Gwen Fisher, PhD in Math Education, who set the bar very high. Many of Gwen’s lessons are in the Sample Drawings folder within Doceri’s QuickLaunch. For me, this task was quite intimidating.

Then something sparked my interest. One of our Doceri users, Florence Turnour, shared her drawings with us. Among them was an animated short she’d created using Doceri, Cat and Butterfly, which is still one of my favorites.

How did she do that?! I was inspired and determined to figure it out. With the Doceri timeline, you can go back and edit your strokes (add, remove, etc.). I understood the concept, but never actually made a drawing using the timeline that way. One Sunday morning, I sat down and created my own animated short.

Here it is, with the “Flight of the Bumblebee” added in iMovie as it’s sound track. Maybe I’m creative after all!



Creating an animated short was really fun and I’m glad I found my creative side.

But how do I use Doceri for work?

One of my responsibilities is to coordinate SP Controls’ participation in tradeshows. One task is to create a floor plan and diagram noting where the electrical outlets are to be placed. Without Doceri, I would have to print the floor plan, draw the details, scan the drawing and email it back to the show service center.

With Doceri, I can create these diagrams and email them directly from Doceri Remote on the iPad. In addition to saving time, the process is fun and rewarding.





The bottom line is, you don’t have to be an artist or a mathematician to Doceri!

Contributed by Lisa Roberts

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