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Review of Doceri on iPad Pro: Is it worth it?

Wook-EYE by Jason Gilmore

Why the iPad Pro?

Recently I purchased the iPad Pro. One of the first apps I opened on the oversized iOS device was, of course Doceri. Previously, I purchased a wonderful (and expensive) stylus to help me make screencasts for my special education history/english/art classes. The stylus is the Adonit Jot Script 1. One selling point of the Script was it connects with devices through Bluetooth. If you are lucky enough to have a newer device with Bluetooth 4.0 the Script rejects marks made by your palm. Thus, it was an easy decision to upgrade to the latest and greatest for the connectivity. The other major plus was the amount of real estate that I can now draw on.

It IS about sizeIMG_0194

On top of being a special educator I am also an artist. Specifically, I am a muralist. The difference between drawing on the iPad2 and the iPad Pro is as different as drawing in a sketchbook and on a 15 ft wall. More space to create is 1000 times better! As far as having more space to create screencasts on Doceri the near $1000 purchase (129GB version) was completely worth it for what I want to accomplish with the machine. I will be producing more screencasts and so far I have been able to produce them faster because I don’t have pinch, zoom, and reposition the screen nearly as much. This is a minor set of actions, but when you’re doing that action 100 x’s per screencast the time adds up.

The Machine

IMG_0193The machine is beautiful! It’s thinner and lighter than my old iPad2. Thus, presenting in class is actually a lighter/ freer experience.  It’s also FAST!! Downloads and uploads of files are screaming! My aim was not to replace my district issued laptop but to add to my arsenal of productivity. I did purchase the backlit keyboard from Logitech. It’s light and easy to type on. So far, a win. I did also purchase the Apple Pencil. It is on back order until February (I ordered it on Dec 31st!) It will be very interesting to compare the Script to the Pencil. I highly recommend moving to a bigger and brighter new iPad screen if you’re going to be screencasting on a regular basis. It is worth it to me to spend more money on the stylus as not making errant marks with your palm saves time. My lesson making and drawing life is now 1000 times more enjoyable. Who knows what new developments this larger format will bring to production. For now, the iPad Pro and Doceri are helping me connect with my students and saving me time. What’s that worth?

This is my first screencast using the iPad Pro (An example I made for my kids who are expected to make their first screencast to teach the class about Native Americans specific to a region of North America (pre colonization) using the text from TCI’s History Alive.): 


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