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Pairing Art and Music with Doceri

Music and art have always been a natural pairing.

When international acoustic guitarist Brian Gore finished a suite of songs inspired by the beauty of the Santa Cruz Mountains and coastline in California, he teamed up with renowned illustrator Bill Russell, who brought these stories to life with original animations and impressionistic paintings. The result was a series of Song and Image videos and a live multimedia performance pairing Gore’s music and Russell’s art.

Gore and Russell have since expanded their work to create a new collection including songs, paintings and animations about the California wine country using Doceri on the iPad.

Russell knows that Doceri has helped in both the creative process and the delivery system for these narratives. “Early on, we saw that the Doceri app could not only make my drawings move in sync with Brian’s music, but also allow me to become a component part of the live performance,” Russell says.

The new collection tells the stories behind landmarks like this one about the historic Bale Grist Mill in St. Helena:


… and this one, based on Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic story “Silverado Squatters”


Future videos in the works will tell the story of the last Mission in Sonoma, Jack London’s “Wolf House,” the California Miwoks, and much more.

“These stories told through these short video vignettes can easily be incorporated into California History and American Literature curriculum,” says Gore.

Bill Russell, Paul Brown, Brian Gore

L-R: Bill Russell, Paul Brown, Brian Gore

Gore and Russell met with Doceri Chief Architect Paul Brown last summer to outline their project and put their heads together about how best to maximize Doceri’s drawing capabilities.

“What Bill Russell has done with Doceri is simply amazing,” says Brown. “Pairing Bill’s digital art with Brian’s beautifully fluid guitar work really makes these video pieces stand out.” Russell in turn says, “I couldn’t have done without Paul’s guidance and I’d like to think I was helping to nudge the use of Doceri into the entertainment realm.”

In live performance, Russell’s imagery is projected behind Gore, as he performs his compositions. This fall, Gore and Russell will give their new Wine Country performance pairing a first run at The Woodshed in Los Gatos, near Gore’s home in the South San Francisco Bay Area, then will make their Canadian debut at Dow Centennial Theater in Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta.

They will also debut a one-of-a-kind live digital drawing segment that’s also projected for the audience using Doceri and set to Gore’s music. Similar studies can be found on Gore and Russell’s Song and Image YouTube Channel.

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