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Nik Peachy: Could Doceri be the IWB (Interactive White Board) Killer?

Speaker, blogger, learning technology consultant and teacher trainer Nik Peachy recently reviewed Doceri. Read about his thoughts about Doceri as the interactive whiteboard killer on Nik’s Quickshout blog: Could Doceri be the IWB Killer?

This thought has been coming up more and more lately. We’ve seen the buzz on Twitter, heard it from our customers, and the trend is growing… just as Doceri’s Chief Architecht Paul Brown predicted when the iPad surfaced in 2010.

Here’s a snap shot of Nik’s pros and cons:

What I like about Doceri

  • It’s not free ($50) but it’s much cheaper than an IWB.
  • It’s great to be able to control the whiteboard from where ever you are in the room.
  • You can pass the iPad around and give students control of the board
  • It’s wireless so no fuss with leads.
  • Easy to switch between modes.
  • I love that you can record and play back annotations etc.
  • It’s great that it’s portable so you can use the app on any computer in any room as long as it has the software installed (The computer part is free) So it’s great for schools who are supplying teachers with iPads (and they should be).
  • You can store all your lesson documents on the iPad and access them from where ever you are.
  • It’s possible to make surprisingly accurate mouse gestures using your fingers on the iPad
  • You never need to have your back to the class and can maintain eye contact much more easily.


What I’m not so sure about

  • Writing reasonably sized letters with your finger is a bit tricky, so I think the Doceri Good Point Stylus is a must buy ($39).
  • The app software doesn’t come with as many fancy tools and library objects as an IWB, but that could be an advantage when it comes to training and teachers will want to build up their own library of images and docs etc to use.
  • It would be good to have a couple more tools that enable you to draw shapes and tables without having to do them freehand. I also miss some of my favorite IWB tools like the spotlight function and the curtain for slow reveal.
  • It takes a little bit of time to get used to manipulating the left and right click using the fingers of one hand, especially if you are used to walking around and are hanging onto your tablet with the other hand, especially if like me you tend to gesticulate a lot with your hands.
  • Teachers are generally more comfortable with a pen in their hand.

Our innovations on the Doceri software platform at just starting, so stay tuned for more advancements and updates in 2012. And if you’re curious as to whether Doceri could be the answer for your school, just click the blue TRY IT link above to start your free 30 day trial.

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