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New, Lower App Store Price for Doceri

We’re in the beta testing phase of the newest Doceri update, and we can’t wait for everyone to see all the new features! We’ve added audio/video screencasting, new drawing tools, and a lots of conveniences for presenters and instructors. With the new update, due out before the end of May, sales of Doceri will go through the Apple iTunes store rather than our Web site. To get ready, we’re offering our new, lower App pricing of $30 NOW. Plus, license key holders who purchase through our Web site before we switch to the App Store will be grandfathered into our free one-on-one tech support program.

Golden Ticket

Your Doceri License Key is the Golden Ticket.

We appreciate all of the teachers and presenters who have been using Doceri
for the past year. All valid license key holders  will continue to receive free one-on-one technical support even after we switch over to selling through the iTunes App Store.

Share the Golden Ticket with your friends and colleagues.

Spread the word! Between now and the launch of the Doceri update, new users can take advantage of the lower price AND be grandfathered into the free technical support program.


Valid license key holders will be automatically upgraded to all the professional features of the new version of Doceri, including logo customization for all videos, images and PDF files exported from Doceri and projected via Doceri Desktop and a projector, or Apple TV.

Start using Doceri today… our Support Knowledge Base is available online 24X7, and if you need help connecting with Doceri Desktop, or just need someone to walk you through how to create a Doceri project and present it to your class, all you need to do is complete a support ticket and our team will get back to you right away!

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