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Nearly 90% of Doceri Teachers use Annotation Tools for More Engaging Lessons

According to our 2012/2013 end of school year survey, more than 60 percent of Doceri teachers are creating original, hand-authored lessons, drawings or presentations. Combined with those who also annotate over PowerPoint/Keynote presentations, images or prepared lesson sheets, nearly 90% of Doceri users responding to the survey are using Doceri’s powerful authoring and annotation tools.


Among this group of teachers, 90 percent say they have been able to create more engaging presentations by using Doceri’s authoring tools, and 64 percent say their students have been intrigued with the lesson appearing to write itself. 81 percent feel their students are more engaged when they are given the opportunity to participate via the iPad while remaining in their seats.

Doug Glasco of the Flagler County School Board in Bunnell Florida says he likes the ability to show students exactly how to complete their assignment. “Not only am I able to give verbal instruction,” he says, “I can also give an exact example as I go. It is also nice to be able to switch from a math worksheet to a whiteboard and show the work that I need to model.”

microsoft-powerpoint-iconBeyond the visual impact of a Doceri presentation, class time is also maximized. Tamra Rossiter from Riverton High School in Riverton Utah says that Doceri affords “more time teaching instead of showing the PowerPoint, then raising screen to do chemistry math problems, then lowering the screen to show PowerPoint. Now I just write on the PowerPoint,” she says.

PowerPoint and Keynote are indeed staples for creating lecture presentations, and Doceri’s built-in presentation controls make it easy to access and remotely control PowerPoint and Keynote. 75 percent of respondents use PowerPoint or Keynote and within this group, 95 percent are using Doceri’s annotation tools to create more engaging presentations.



Remotely accessing PowerPoint or Keynote presentations on a computer is made easy, using Doceri’s Quick Launch folder (accessible from within Doceri in control mode). The slides can be saved as a Doceri project with or without annotations so they are available for editing, re-use, and as the base for a screencast recording. Doceri’s built in controls also make it easy to navigate through PowerPoint presentations from within Doceri.




Download the full report, Doceri: Helping Teachers Get a Clearer View of the Classroom


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