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My 2nd Teacher’s Aid in the room: Doceri

Today I had two students come back from a few days of being sick. Of Course they were behind. I am a middle school special educator with an art credential. My classes are social studies integrated with art. Every day we begin class with about 10 minutes of drawing. My drawing lessons are the first drawing lessons that my classroom aid has ever had so her ability to reteach my lessons is limited at best.

Usually, I would have to abandon the kids that were ready to move to help catch up the late comers. Instead, I stayed with the kids that were ready to go, gave my iPad with the lesson from the past two days to the students, told them how to advance one stroke at a time, and let Doceri catch them up. It worked beautifully! With very little effort I differentiated my instruction. My aid helps the kids with visual and fine motor coordination issues, I moved the higher level kids along, and Doceri caught the returning students up. Now that’s what I’m talking about!

Here’s a screencast recorded live from that two point perspective lesson:¬†


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