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Like Doceri, new iBook Author puts teachers in control of creating content

Here’s our take on today’s Apple announcement:  It puts teachers in the driver’s seat to create and share content with their students and each other.

The content creation trend is moving rapidly into the education realm, and it’s about time. Great teachers create great teaching resources for their classes, and have been doing so for years, from the old days of mimeographing math worksheets, to using today’s technology to supplement class discovery with YouTube videos, or to create research resources with Google Docs.

Bottom line: rather than tying themselves down to by standard texts or pre-filtered interactive whiteboard curriculum, inspired – and inspiring – teachers are creating their own to suit the needs of their unique classroom situations.

We’ve seen many teachers embrace Doceri because it allows them to do just that – take a blank slate and run with it.

When Mr. Pronovost at Bellehaven School in Menlo Park realized his students weren’t grasping the concept of graphing from the standard curriculum, he asked them what they had for lunch. He switched his Doceri screen from the standard curriculum to a blank page, drew a graph, and drawing hash tags and rough marks with his finger, he pulled the students into a relevant example.

Now, this just an example of teaching on the fly. Knowing Robert Pronovost, his first iBook will be beautiful and interactive as well as informative.

What an exciting road we have ahead, as applications like Doceri – and iBook Author – put more control into the hands of creative educators.

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