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iPads in the Classroom at Majan College in Oman

Tahseen-Arshi-Majan-College-DoceriTahseen Arshi is bringing a greater degree of interactivity into his classroom using Doceri on the iPad at Majan College in Oman. In this video, he explains how he is able to annotate his classroom presentations to bring greater clarity to the content, as well as actively involving them in classroom exercises.

In his blog post about Majan College’s use of Doceri, A Great Alternative to Interactive Whiteboards, Director of e-Learning  Ian McNaught says “I’ve always had mixed feelings about Interactive Whiteboards (IWB). On the one hand, it’s not hard to see they genuinely have some great potential in the classroom and there is plenty of research reporting them to be popular with staff and students (curiously “popular” is a more common adjective used to describe them rather than “effective”!). However, they are beset with two major problems: 1) They are very expensive and 2) they are not portable.”

Arshi says in the video below: “I’ve found Doceri to be a great addition to my teaching toolkit and it costs substantially less than an interactive whiteboard. I highly recommend [Doceri] for all teachers desiring to enhance their students learning experience through technology.”


Established in 1995 by royal decree, Majan College is the first private college in the Sultanate of Oman. The College is located on a single campus in Darsait which is home to a multi-cultural academic community with more than a hundred multiethnic staff from various countries and a student population of over 1800.

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