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How many triangles do you see?

How Many Triangles

Here’s a puzzle to solve.

True, math has definite rules,  but we’ve seen some creative answers to this question.

What’s your answer? Try using Doceri to count the triangles, and support your solution.

If you’re already using Doceri 2.0 just click here on your iPad to open the triangle drawing in Doceri.


You’ll see a screen like this one – click the button on the right to “Open in Doceri.”

Tell us your answer in the comment section below, or on our Facebook page.

You could also get creative with a Doceri screencast and post your solution on YouTube. Paste the link on our Facebook page and see what others have come up with as well. You can also upload your video screencast directly to our Facebook page.

We’ll post our solution on Facebook on Wednesday August 8 after 6pm Pacific time.

Find Doceri on Facebook here

Click here to see how we solved a similar puzzle.


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